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Why Lync with Kapp?

1)   Kapp has diligently partnered with high quality and experienced cloud based Lync providers with the three present providers specializing in the following areas;
      a)   Full voice cloud Lync provider and E Learning web meetings integrated with domestic and international web based Adobe Connect, large and elaborate web meeting expertise.
      b)   Complete top to bottom tailor made full voice, inside Lync only users, Exchange, Office365, Sharepoint, etc. solution provider.
      c)   Complete call center capabilities with IVR, interactive voice response integration with real time information updates for your clients.
2)   The data and video portion of Lync is simple.  It just works and integrates automatically with other Microsoft components and federated Lync users. The voice is more specialized and that's where Kapp's 29 years of experience comes in. Do you want live receptionists or automated receptionists? Do you want DIDs to each desktop or not? Do you want 800#s or local numbers for various departments, types of hunt groups, etc?

3)   With Kapp, you are a name and not a number.  We always give you friendly and personal, onsite and remote personalized assistance with our highly experienced and high quality design and training team.
4)   We attempt to incorporate your future phone system requirements in our initial design phases so that you shouldn’t have to switch providers.  We are proposing to be your local partner and cloud based Lync watchdog and local Tier I full voice Lync support and local training provider.
5)   We respect and realize how busy you are and create voice call/web meeting/email design sections specifically to educate you about your PC requirements, carrier bandwidth requirements/recommendations, types of Polycom IP phones, wired and wireless headsets, conference room camera/phones and all other voice hardware requirements.
6)   In summary we design your Lync rollout with local hands on expert advice and help you order the right equipment and services in order for you to receive the smoothest and well thought out solution possible.


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