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Do I Have To Re-Wire My Office For Voip Phones?

Not at all. Kapp installs new or re-uses existing power over Ethernet (POE) switches. We setup a one time program called Quality of Service. This Quality of Service always give the VoIP phone priority for the small amount of internal bandwidth that the VoIP Phones need. It doesn’t matter what you are doing on your computer, i.e. downloading, creating, editing, etc. Our IT technicians setup Quality of Service just one time and no further maintenance is required. The POE Switches must meet our initial requirements to insure quality phone calls at all times.

Some IT departments want a separate Ethernet wire for each VoIP phone and that's OK too.


Don wants gigabyte speeds for all of his desktop computer users. Don has to decide whether he wants to buy separate Mitel gigabyte bases or have separate data cables to the VoIP phones. He has to consider if he wants to manage another set of data cables or not.

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