Dependable and Trusted Communications

We Offer:

Phone systems/Call Centers

Carrier services - All voice and high speed internet, LAN, WAN
   service circuits from 49 of the largest and most experienced providers.
   (Average savings - 35% ) Guaranteed Lowest Prices!

Cloud computing data backup/recovery services, IT managed services,
   virtual servers and virtual desktops

Cloud based Adobe Connect eLearning and Webinars

Cellular voice and data analysis with optimized savings for 50 or more
   cell phones   (Average savings - 39%)

Video security camera systems

We specialize in helping you to cut costs wherever and whenever we can.
"A penny saved is a penny earned"!

Kapp Communications Inc. (Since 1984)
8100 Ohio River Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA. 15202
Phone: 412-761-7700

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