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Would Voice, Web and Whiteboard Conferencing Help Our Business?

You can take advantage of the large ROI potential by bringing Mitel’s audio and web conferencing services in house. Many times we can provide a payback within months of a Unified Conferencing investment. Your use of audio, web, and video conferencing capabilities can reduce travel expense and reduce unproductive time.

Managing an audio conference call with a PC interface makes meetings more effective by allowing users to spend more time on the purpose of the meeting and less time managing logistics. Your moderators and participants can see the names of people who are participating in the call and identify who is speaking. You can add or drop participants, and lock in the conference to make it more secure. Adding streaming video allows users to see the active speaker adding important context and maintaining attendee participation.

Calendar integration of Microsoft Outlook with Mitel’s Web Collaboration enables conferencing resources to be booked at the same time the meeting is scheduled, and the simplicity of click-to-join directly from your calendar.

Scenario: Leo’s accounting firm provides mergers and acquisition service for their large clients throughout the country. Instead of flying out to closings, they perform the closings with their Mitel Unified Communications equipment. Leo has a HD camera on their conference room computer and they schedule and perform an 8 party web conference with all of the owners, lawyers and accountants that are associated with the closing. The old way was for everyone to fly out to the closing. Leo’s company saves on travel, hotel, car rental, aggravation and wasted time.
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