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Should I Have VoIP Calling Between Sites?

VoIP calling between sites comes in 2 categories:

Plain is just calling back and forth and transparent VoIP network calling connects your offices together seamlessly as if the two systems were in one building.

Mitel offers the transparent VoIP networking type using voice calling and CTI, computer telephony integration between offices.

With transparent VoIP networking, call handling is setup as 100% call processing. You can intercom, transfer calls, conference in any extension on your IP network and the buttons on your Mitel IP phone can be busy light buttons of anybody at any remote office. Voice mails can be transferred across the IP networks along with group voice mail messages.

VoIP networking has many ROI possibilities. Just to name one, you could have one receptionist instead of four.

Scenario: Cindy manages 4 dentist offices that all confirm appointments for their local area clients. With VoIP networking she could implement a centralized appointment confirmation department with 2 people versus 4 people. Cutting out the need for 2 people could save her $50,000 a year or more in payroll and benefit expenses.

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