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Could We Use A Recording System For Training Purposes?

Yes, our recording system is a great training tool. Your managers can simply access the recordings and review them with the sales or service agents. Both the manager and the agent discuss what he or she did right and what they did wrong, hopefully in a constructive fashion. The manager simply searches the recordings based on agents extension number, time of day, date or client caller ID information.

Scenario: Betty hires a new sales rep to sell products from their e-commerce website. After a few days, Betty accesses the rep's call recordings and schedules a meeting with the new employee. They can then discuss what the rep did right or wrong. Betty is able to train her sales reps faster and more effeciently as they both have the opportunity to listen to the recorded calls. Real time review of employee recordings and problem situations are a faster and easier way to train people and are much more effective than traditional training methods.

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