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Will Recording Calls Save On Customer Grievances and Potential Litigation?

Yes, our recording system turns all recorded messages into email wav files automatically. You can find a recorded message by almost any way that you could think of i.e. date and time of call, caller ID number, the employee, extension number, who took or made the call, etc.

It is very easy to retrieve the pre-recorded wav files. You can send these email wav files to any valid email address.

Scenario: Carl owns a stock brokerage firm. A large client calls and he says that he just received his statement. The client claims that he only ordered 10,000 shares of IBM stock for $100 per share. The client said that he did not order 100,000 shares. The next day IBM’s stock drops $50 per share. Carl has his office manager find the recorded stock purchase phone call. It clearly states that the client did indeed order 100,000 shares. Carl emails the file recording to the client, who acknowledges that he did indeed order 100,000 shares. The emergency ends and the stockbroker is happy.

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