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If I Decide to Network My Offices Together, What Type of Internet Circuits Should I Have?

If you are using the VoIP networking for inter-office calling, DSL or cable modems may work OK. You should have the same carrier for all locations i.e. Verizon DSL or Comcast cable modems due to the latency that takes place with too many router hops.

VoIP requires strong and steady data circuits because the data that the voice packets are converted to is real time data. Standard data transmissions that get delayed are usually not a problem because they can stay in queue until the bandwidth becomes available.

VoIP packets need constant and consistent bandwidth in order for you to have voice quality that you can depend on. We recommend having private data circuits that have guaranteed quality of service especially if clients are calling or being transferred over these high speed circuits.

The 2 types of quality IP networking circuits that are most popular today are M.P.L.S. or Point-To-Point T-1's.

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