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Do I Need Incoming Call Group Reports (Call Center) and What Additional Reports Would I Receive?

An optional Call Center software package addition is available for all new Mitel systems from Kapp.

The additional reports include key information that call center managers should have:

  • Longest time to answer incoming calls
  • Longest hold times for incoming calls
  • Average length of calls to call center reps
  • List of abandoned calls with caller ID (So you can call them back fast)
  • Log-in times per agent
  • Log-out times per agent
  • Other useful reports

It is very hard to manage what you cannot measure. With Mitel’s Call Center reports your clients can automatically receive emailed reports also.

Scenario: Dan is a call center manager for a travel agency. He handles travel for a large law firm with 5 offices. Dan’s clients want to see the average time to answer his calls, average hold time and average length of each call. Dan sets up automatic emailed reports that are based on caller ID from the client’s 5 offices. Every week Dan’s customer receives the reports that he needs to ensure that all of his business travel needs are consistently handled in a fast and efficient manner.

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