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Should I Deploy Faxing To Our Desktops?

Faxing with Unified Communications can help you in a few ways. Your main fax number can convert faxes to emails that your receptionist can forward to the appropriate people. In some offices people wait in line like a herd of cattle to receive their faxes off of the main fax machine. They waste a lot of time versus simply having the fax show up in their email inbox.

Private faxing with direct fax phone lines can also be setup with Mitel’s Unified Communications. An example of a private fax would be to a business owner who receives a fax from their outside accounting firm that shows confidential year end profits. If an employee is near the fax machine and sees this confidential information, word could spread quickly throughout the office. This could cost the company over the long run because everyone may want a raise. Private faxing sends it directly to the owners email.

Faxing to email also allows you to archive certain faxes versus scanning and you having to save hardcopy faxes.