Dependable and Trusted Communications

What Data Security Issues Should I Consider?

When designing a VoIP network you should consider how many firewalls that you would need. The nice thing about having private data services versus VPN services is that you usually only need one firewall with private data services. Once you put voice calls over your data network the data transmission dependability factor should be considered.

VoIP traffic is susceptible to worms and viruses in the same fashion that data traffic is. You will want to consider what clients and how crucial the voice calling may be across your internet circuits.

The most secure and dependable circuits are M.P.L.S. and Point-To-Point T-1’s. These circuits are of course much more expensive than VPN circuits. What happens is that you will need to analyze the costs of private circuits over VPN circuits. Once you look at those costs then you will have to make a business decision whether free VoIP calling is worth the expense of private high speed circuits. Some businesses cannot or may not want to spend the money and decide that simply calling between the offices is more practical. Other organizations may want to use the free VoIP and Voice Mail network for internal use only and may decide that VPN Tunnels are OK. Kapp can help you weigh out the pros and cons. Usually you must find an area of employee consolidation in order to justify the additional monthly expense of private data circuits.