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What Is The Advantage of Click-And-Dial Calling?

Click-And-Dial Calling is a great feature for anyone who calls clients throughout the day. This is a great time saver because you can click on any phone number displayed on your computer monitor and have the system automatically dial the number for you. It’s fast, easy and always dials the correct phone number, 100% of the time.

Scenario: Debbie owns a collections agency with 30 agents who do nothing but make phone calls to collect money. It takes about 3 seconds to click and call versus an average of 18 seconds to physically dial the call. During the day each collection agent miss dials 2 out of 10 phone numbers. Debbie sees the ROI in Click-And-Dial because she is able to increase the calls made in a day by 5%. Debbie’s revenue increased by 5% because of her taking advantage of the Click-And-Dial software.

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