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Do I Need A Phone That Presents Me With Time Saving Options?

  • Shouldn’t I have a phone that always steps me through conference calling, customer “spell by name” directories, employee directories and caller ID missed calls, received calls and dialed calls?
  • My voicemail would be much more efficient if our people can see options on their phones such as, backup 10 seconds to hear the phone number again, pause in the middle of the message and skip to the end of the message to hear the next one. Wouldn’t it be nice to have these features available to me when I need them?
  • Mitel phones can save each person between 10 to 60 minutes per day.


Jane has an hour long voicemail message. She is near the end of the message and the caller says their phone number too fast. Without Mitel Voice Mail, Jane has to listen to the whole 60 minute voicemail message because she forgot the codes to backup in the voicemail message.

This is what you will see while you are listening to your voicemail. This is what you will see while you are in the process of creating a conference call.