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Success Story - Lifespan

Feature Story: Lifespan – voicemail audio (wav) files on BlackBerries

In an attempt to provide faster support for their clients, Lifespan upgraded their existing Inter-Tel phone systems to 4 Mitel 5000 servers with built in voicemail to email forwarding for all of their field social workers. All fifteen Lifespan social workers have BlackBerries.

Lifespan is a non-profit agency focused on supporting individuals who do not need to go to a retirement home.

Lifespan is responsible for coordinating with the elderly and their family members to secure quality nursing for people who are in need of these services.

Lifespan has 4 locations: Homestead, McKeesport, Dormont and Carnegie. Each social worker works in the field approximately 80% of the time. While they are meeting with families and interviewing the elderly applicant, their BlackBerries are turned off. After each meeting each social worker turns their BlackBerry on and they can view all emails and simply listen to all audio (wav) file voicemails over their handheld speakerphones. It may seem like a small thing but when you add up the average of 12 calls per day to check voicemail times 15 social workers, the cellular minutes surely are cut back to a high degree. Having faster and easier access to their messages is a much safer way for our social workers to listen to their daily voicemails.

Many times a social worker has to drive while checking their voicemails. Now it is just one click versus dialing a series of voicemail codes while driving.

Author: James Kapp, CEO

Kapp Communications’ Sales Person for Lifespan

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