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Spotwave Z1900

Cell Phone Signal Booster

2,500 Square Foot Coverage

Improves coverage for your cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices where you need them the most - indoors!

The Z1900 is a high-performance indoor wireless coverage system designed to boost your signal strength and ensure reliable coverage for your cell phones, PDAs and 3G laptop air cards. Geared for homes and small offices with up to 2,500 sq ft, the Z1900 is Spotwave's most cost-effective solution for the wireless subscriber at home, providing support for all wireless voice and data services being delivered in the PCS (1900 MHz) band.


  • Improves your voice call quality and reception ensuring you can make or take important calls when you need to
  • Enhanced 3G data performance enables you to achieve quick file downloads
  • Eliminates dropped calls due to poor indoor cell coverage
  • Lowers cell phone power emissions and extends phone battery life
  • Supports any carrier delivering voice and data services in the PCS band in your area
  • Quick to install and operate with no recurring costs
  • Network protecting solution
  • Everything you need is included

Coverage areas indicated are based on typical building characteristics and are not always guaranteed. Coverage area will be determined by multiple factors including strength of signal received from the network, construction materials, and location of Spotwave equipment. © 2007 Spotwave Wireless Inc. All rights reserved. Patents Pending. Specifications subject to change. Spotwave and SpotCell are trademarks of Spotwave Wireless Inc. Other trademarks referenced in this brochure are the property of their respective companies.