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Spotwave 2500Xe

indoor wireless coverage system

50,000 Square Foot Coverage

The Best Indoor Coverage System Just Got Better Spotwave takes all the best features of the first generation SpotCell family and now supports complex split and dual-band carrier networks and offers maximum flexibility through a software reconfigurable platform.

A Simple, Completley Scalable Solution The SpotCell 2500Xe indoor wireless coverage system provides targeted cellular and PCS coverage for spaces ranging up to 50,000 sq ft per system with a simple architecture consisting of one Donor Unit (typically mounted outside), coaxial cable and indoor Coverage Unit(s). Additionally, the 2500Xe is designed so multiple systems can be deployed to create larger or more complex coverage footprints.

Supporting GSM or CDMA Networks The SpotCell 2500Xe provides enhanced coverage for both dual and dual/split bands in either GSM or CDMA networks, cost-effectively improving indoor coverage for your voice and data services.

  • Supports both contiguous and non-contiguous blocks of spectrum in the 1900 MHz PCS band
  • Supports carriers operating both cell phone and PCS networks including non-contiguous blocks in the PCS band

Unlike other products on the market, our carrier-specific programming ensures peak signal performance is attained and protects carrier networks from harmful interference.

Turn-Key and Powered by SpotCell PatentedTechnology Spotwave has combined smart antenna technology and advanced adaptive algorithms in the 2500Xe -creating the only truly intelligent indoor wireless coverage system available on the market. This unique adaptive capability of SpotCell® products eliminates much of the planning, design and engineering effort associated with conventional coverage approaches. And once your system is installed, the product automatically adjusts performance according to network signals and isolation -no costly maintenance or adjustments are required.

Our systems come complete with everything required for rapid deployment including cable and mounting all hardware.

Field Upgradeable Personality Module SpotCell 2500Xe products can be reconfigured through the optional Personality Module™. This provides a method for reprogramming the unit based on network changes.“Stop Missing Calls Today!”

Coverage areas indicated are based on typical building characteristics and are not always guaranteed. Coverage area will be determined by multiple factors including strength of signal received from the network, construction materials, and location of Spotwave equipment. © 2007 Spotwave Wireless Inc. All rights reserved. Patents Pending. Specifications subject to change. Spotwave and SpotCell are trademarks of Spotwave Wireless Inc. Other trademarks referenced in this brochure are the property of their respective companies.