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Cell Phone Amplifier Questions

Q. Can your cell phone amplifier increase cell phone signals from all carriers?

A. Yes, as long as the signal strength is adequate and available at your building's rooftop.

Q. Does your equipment also increase my data signal strength?

A. Yes, our new amplifiers extend Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile data signals for smartphone

Q. To what degree does the equipment increase the quality and integrity of the voice and
     data signals?

A. We can take a low level signal strength of 1 and increase it up to 10 times of what the
     signal strength is currently at your building's rooftop.

Q. Will your equipment resolve my employee and customer issues with static-faded dropped
     calls and signal problems?

A. Yes it will.

Q. Is your equipment a long term solution?

A. Yes, our equipment is made with the most dependable and durable product components
     available on the market today.

Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers