Dependable and Trusted Communications

Rohrich Automotive Group's Mitel Phone Systems Story:

In 1921, Charles Rohrich started selling new Packard cars in Pittsburgh, PA. In 1985, Rohrich Cadillac and Toyota purchased a new Mitel SX-200 digital telephone system with 100 phones. 

In 2011, David and Tom Rohrich purchased a new Mitel MCD IP phone system from Kapp Communications. At that time, David Rohrich stated, "our old Mitel phone system has been very dependable for the past 25 years. We trust Mitel and decided to purchase a new Mitel system because we hope to once again try to utilize the Mitel equipment for another 25 years. We really like the look of the new phones and count on Mitel's quality!"

David and Tom Rohrich continued to expand their new car dealerships in 2012 by adding Bentley and Chevrolet to their existing Cadillac, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Scion and Mazda new car sales enterprise.