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Why Should I Consider Purchasing Mitel VoIP Phones?

  • VoIP phones integrate with your computer. One example is that your client’s phone number is in your contact list. Why not just click, dial and connect that phone number to your Mitel handset?

  • VoIP phones can be moved from one office to the next faster than traditional phones- even a 4 year old can do it.

  • You can take your VoIP phone home if you need to work over the weekend or anytime.

  • VoIP phones can be re-deployed at another office, a new office location or a temporary office location.

  • Once your internal wiring and POE switches are configured, there is no need for any additional wiring changes. You set it and forget it as far as wiring maintenance is concerned.

  • VoIP phones can display computer type information, i.e. inventory levels, discount promotions, emergency distress messages, etc.

  • VoIP phones save time and cost about the same as digital phones.

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