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Should I Buy SIP Phones Because They Are Less Expensive?

There are thousands of SIP phones available today. The problem is that the manufacturers keep making new models of phones and stop manufacturing the old ones. When this happens you can have a difficult time finding the same replacement phones.

Using SIP phones in a business environment can be taking a step backwards with technology. Most SIP phones are made to work on many phone systems. You are much better off with having proprietary phones and equipment because of the tight feature integration. With tight feature integration you will end up with faster call handling and a VoIP phone that is meant to work on a pre-determined VoIP server. That way you do not miss out on 30% or so of the time saving features that you can have with an integrated VoIP phone system

Scenario: Bill buys a SIP phone system off of the internet. He puts it in himself and he saved money up front. Bill misses out on having an experienced phone vendor to design the phone system the best way for Bill’s company. Not having the ability to upgrade his system in a few years forces Bill to have to buy a new phone system again and again. The smart way would be to buy a quality long term phone system.