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What Is a PRI T1 and How Could It Help My Business?

  • PRI stands for Primary Rate Interface.
  • A PRI T1 has 23 universal ISDN voice pathways that give you very intelligent voice channels for caller ID control on both incoming and outgoing caller ID.
  • Clients are capturing your caller ID numbers on their office phones, cell phones and home phones. With a PRI T1 we setup your system to output your main advertised number or numbers.
  • Without PRI T1s, plain business phone lines are usually used. Phone systems pick the last numbers in your roll over group and send out those odd caller ID numbers. With plain business lines there is no way to out pulse your main phone number all of the time because there is only one of them.
  • A PRI T1 utilizes what is called Dedicated Calling Services. When you use Dedicated Services, calling charges are usually about 20% less because the long distance carrier does not have to pay for and then recharge you for connect fees. Connect fees are charged by all main phone companies, i.e. Verizon, Bell South, etc.
  • One PRI T1 can have 40 phone numbers or more on them. There is no limit to the amount of phone numbers that a PRI T1 can handle because the 23 channels are all universal in and out channels.
  • You purchase phone numbers for PRI T1s usually in blocks of 20 numbers. For example, Verizon charges $7.00 per month for a block of 20 phone numbers. That breaks down to 35¢ per phone number per month.
  • With Mitel’s cell phone integration most businesses are giving each salesperson their own direct phone number. This will allow you to set up a one call “does it all” line for your customers. This is a powerful and inexpensive way to stop missing calls. Missed calls many times turn into lost sales opportunities.


Tom sells office furniture and he has 100 employees with 10 sales reps. Tom’s clients used to get busy signals because they would return calls from the bottom of the roller group while other people in Tom’s office were on active calls. Tom setup 10 phone numbers for his 10 sales people and he utilized Mitel’s cell phone integration with the one call sales process recommended by Kapp. He uses a PRI T1 and a Mitel VoIP system. Tom stopped his busy signal problems and he increased sales 15% because his sales people stopped missing calls.