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Phone System Questions

Q. How long has Mitel been manufacturing phone systems?

A. Mitel has been manufacturing phone systems for over 30 years

Q. Can Mitel phones be deployed anywhere in the US or other parts of the world?

A. Yes, Mitel has over 1,100 sales & support offices worldwide and over 500 offices in the
     United States alone.

Q. Does Kapp offer basic small phone systems?

A. Yes, we offer small, medium and large size phone systems.

Q. How long has Kapp's existing customers kept their older Mitel phone systems?

A. Some of our clients have utilized their Mitel phone systems for over 25 years and in most
     cases have upgraded to our newer Mitel phone systems.

Q. Does Kapp offer private cloud-based systems as a VMware application?

A. Yes, with our IP servers or we become an application on your VMware server.

Q. What features are included with Kapp's phone systems?

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