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Can I Manage A Mitel Phone System From Anywhere?

Yes you can. All you need is any standard laptop or desktop computer. You just IP in and make all of the simple – Windows based changes that you want. You don’t need a special computer, all that you need is a free Mitel maintenance software download.

Kapp offers 3 levels of training.

  • Basic (All the basic day to day changes that most organizations need to do) – Free with all new Mitel/Kapp phone system purchases.
  • Intermediate – Optional (2 hours training - web based or at Kapp’s office)
  • Extensive – Optional (4 hours training - web based or at Kapp’s office) Note: We can permit access just to specific areas that you need the most.


Bob runs a software driven call center and he needs to make changes, sometimes daily. Bob and up to 6 other people would come to Kapp’s database-maintenance training class or web based training class and be trained to make all changes in the fastest and most preferred ways.
Bob’s organization will save thousands of dollars per year versus paying their vendor to make the simple Windows based changes.