Dependable and Trusted Communications

    1-50,000 VoIP Phones
        and DID Phone Numbers
    Mitel MiVoice Business Server

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Small, Medium & Large Onsite or Cloud Based (by Mitel) Phone Systems Pre-Loaded with Advanced Features

 Reliable, HD call quality

Caller ID



Individual voicemail boxes

Voicemail to email (verbally plays office voicemails on
    Smartphones or PCs)

Automated receptionists

Call record into voicemail boxes

Smartphone integration

Simultaneous cell phone/desk phone ringing

Hotdesking (optional)

Unified Communications

Station & system speed dialing

Simple to use, user friendly large display phones

Full duplex high quality speakerphones

Wireless handsets & headsets

Conference room full duplex speakerphones

Conference calling (8 party)

Up to 200 party voice only or web based meet-me
    conference software packages (optional)

Auto daylight savings time adjust

Paging (internal & external)

Basic phone lines, PRI T-1 lines or SIP lines

Browser based (system or end user changes)

Self hosted private cloud enterprise


Resiliency & Redundancy

Disaster Recovery

VMware Ready

Guaranteed Software Assurance upgrade term agreements

500 other features - over 30 years of enhancements