Dependable and Trusted Communications

Mitel MiVoice Office Server
1-250 VoIP or 1-250 Digital Phones

I Need A Free Quote

Onsite Small, Medium or Large Phone Systems pre-loaded with Great Features

.99999% Uptime/Dependability factor

Caller ID

Caller ID captured phone number in
     voicemail boxes


Hands free answer back intercom

Smart Phone Extention

Gigabit Phones

Polycom IP7000


Unlimited individual voicemail boxes

Call record into voicemail boxes

Voicemail to email (verbally plays office voicemails
    on Smartphones or PCs)

Automated receptionist greetings - up to 150

Cell phone integration

Simultaneous cell phone/desk phone ringing

Remote cell phone simultaneous ring control on/off

External manual call transfer to cell phones with
    screened calls


20 party conference calling

20 party meet-me conference calling with email

Browser based (system or end user changes)

Voice Disaster Recovery capacity

Remote IP support

Individual & 5000 number system wide dial
    by name speed dial directory

User friendly large display phones

Full duplex, high quality speakerphones with no
voice breakup

Wireless handset & headset options

Conference room full duplex speakerphones

Auto daylight savings time adjust

Auto night mode based adjustments throughout each year

Paging (internal & external)

Unified Communications

Basic phone lines, PRI T-1 lines and SIP lines

Capability for up to 99 transparently networked
    Mitel MiVoice Office servers onsite or offsite

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