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How would VoIP Phones Impact My Network and Internet Bandwidth?

Mitel VoIP phones require a very small amount of bandwidth, 64 kilobits. You will not notice any lower data transmission on your desktop computers.

If all of your VoIP phone are inside your office, no outside internet bandwidth is required whatsoever.

The only time that your outside internet bandwidth is affected is when you have VoIP phones (with free calling) outside of your building or you want to have Mitel VoIP transparent networking to other offices that you manage.


Mary owns 100 clothing store outlets in malls spread across the country. She implemented a new point of sale software package in each store. All of Mary’s store managers need support from Mary’s corporate office when software problems arise. Mary deploys 100 VoIP phones (for free calling), one in each store. She must allocate the additional predetermined bandwidth for the phones that will be is use on the busiest day of the year.