Dependable and Trusted Communications

Mitel Unified Communications Features

What does it include?

  • Presence Management Software Integration with Microsoft contact information and calendars.
  • Click and Dial off of your computer screens from any and all phone numbers.
  • Internal data base PC screen pop ups triggered by incoming caller I.D. phone numbers.
  • Voice mail to E-mail Wav File conversions to all of your email inbox PC screens and smartphones.
  • Desk top faxing for departmental or private fax numbers.
  • Web, voice, white boarding and far end PC control of web conferencing.
  • Desk phone/cell phone or Blackberry simultaneous call pickup (up to 5 phones numbers).
  • You can view your PC screen with all voice mail/audio files, E-mails and E-faxes.You can prioritize and pick the most important ones first.
  • Internal and secure instant messaging.

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