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  • Mitel currently is the largest cloud based VoIP phone system provider with over 2 Million Cloud Based Phone Seats including the Make a Wish Foundation.

Why does Kapp/Mitel = Added Value?

 Gartner Research recommends Mitel's cloud based VoIP phone system solutions

 All of our cloud VoIP phones are virtualized on VMware

 Cost effective plans starting as low as $17.50 per phone or $20.00 per phone, per month for unlimited calling plans

 Inclusive Onsite - Local installations for all cloud based VoIP phone systems with 10 or more phones

 Kapp/Mitel provides extremely thorough web-based training with our intuitive training tool known as "Mitel Feature Teacher"

 One phone number to call for any and all phone or phone line issues

What features would I enjoy?

     * All standard VoIP phone system features

    * Plus

 Free calling plans, local and long distance

Free direct dial phone numbers

Voicemail to E-mail

Smart Phone, transparent desk phone features

Completely integrated smart phones/tablets collaboration

 Simple web portal access for changes 

 Automatic Cloud Based Voice Disaster Recovery

 Automatic VoIP phone system software updates

Hosted Call center option:

    • Complete cloud based contact center, distribution of emails, web chats, and phone calls with reports (plus all call center options).

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