Dependable and Trusted Communications

What are the Mitel private cloud phone system advantages over their competitors?

  • Your core PBX software application will be on Mitel's VMware at one of our highly secure SAS-70, Type II Data/Voice Central Office location centers.

  • Mitel has over 30 years of voice application experience.

  • Mitel has over 500 and growing support offices in the U.S., in every major city and over 1,100 worldwide offices that provide onsite support 24/7/365.

  • Mitel offers a long term phone system. Some of our customers have used their Mitel system for over 25 years. Rohrich Automotive Group Story

  • Mitel provides proprietary IP phones that produce 100% totally integrated features.

  • Our core Mitel PBX software has been and continues to be enhanced for over 30 years, no 3rd party applications required.

  • Whether you use VMware or not, your phone system will be on completely new and additional VMware virtual servers supplied and supported by Mitel.

  • Mitel creates your own virtual private phone system cloud for each enterprise customer.