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Should I Have A Live Phone Attendant or an Automated Voicemail Attendant?

Live attendants allow for you to service your customers with a personal touch. Sometimes live attendants get very busy and the phone may ring too many times. According to surveys, people start to red line at about 6 rings. After more than 6 rings they start to think that you are not open. A good cure for that is to have backup phones ring to pick up the calls during busy times.

Automated voicemail attendants can be set to always answer all phone calls on the first ring. Automated attendants can answer for example 8 calls at once if you have a 8-port voicemail system. Kapp recommends to keep your messages short with no more than 4 options, i.e. sales, service, parts and accounting. If your message is too long with too many choices the caller just may hang up and call some else

It is your call which scenario would work best for your organization. Having a knowledgeable phone vendor to help you design the most efficient setup is key. Kapp will help you with these very important incoming call caller options.