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Why Should I Consider IP High Definition Cameras?

  • IP cameras can cover the same physical viewing area of 6 analog cameras. (ROI)

  • IP cameras provide extremely detailed images, high resolution picture quality. (ex. license plate recognition and other major details of situations)

  • All of our hybrid DVRs are equipped with a built-in electronic Pan/Tilt and Zoom (ePTZ) feature for all IP cameras.

  • Kapp's hybrid DVRs can utilize your existing analog cameras from all manufacturers. (Save money)

  • Our IP camera DVRs are more manageable on your LAN/WAN network. Our DVRs allow up to control your bandwidth allocation from 64kb to 1024kb per camera.

  • All of our DVRs and PC-based solutions come with free network management software that you can change and control from home, office or anywhere.

  • Up to 1000 DVRs can be networked and managed from anywhere.

  • Visually view your cameras on iPhones, Droids, BlackBerrys, iPads or any internet connected device.