Dependable and Trusted Communications

How We Handle Emergencies

We allow for you to decide what an emergency is, within reason –i.e. any form of phone line or equipment failures where your organization is losing the 100% capacity to communicate to your clients


1) When you call Kapp for support you never go to voice mail. We insist on answering your call with live people during our standard business hours from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

2) Once you place an emergency call, we strive to immediately remote into your phone system. A worst case: Within 20 minutes.

3) During an emergency that requires a site-visit, we commit to a 2 hour time window from the time that you call. We actually log down the time and start our clock.

Assuming that no traffic accidents or other delays occur, you can expect for us to arrive within 2 hours, if your office is within 45 minutes of our office. If your office is over 45 minutes away from us you should adjust our expected arrival time, accordingly.

After Normal Business Hours

4) If you call for an after hours emergency, we promise to call you back within 30 minutes. We promise to remote into your system and/or arrive up at your site within 3 hours from the time that you place your call.


5) For non-emergency support calls, we strive to be at your office within 24 hours and in the worst case, within 48 hours, from the time that you call us.

6) Regardless of the type of support that you need, we commit to providing you with a highly trained and knowledgeable person each step of the way.