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What is A Full Duplex Speakerphone?

Most older and some newer phones are half duplex speakerphones. What happens is the person that speaks the loudest gets heard by the party on the speakerphone. Many times keywords or even whole sentences are not heard by the speakerphone user. In a sales situation this could be a major problem. .

Full duplex speakerphones allow for both sides of the conversation to come through simultaneously. There are different grades of full duplex speakerphones in the market place. Basically, you get what you pay for. Mitel has one of the best full duplex speakerphones available in the market place today. The sound quality is so good that you can even hear a clock tick that is 30 feet away from the Mitel speakerphone. All of our Mitel full duplex speakerphones turn on automatically whenever they are used on outside and inside calls.

Scenario: A new car salesperson and the sales manager are on a half duplex speakerphone call trying to close the sale for a new Lexus car. The potential buyer says he will spend no more than $40,000 for the car but he was cut out and the two sales reps never heard him say that. The sales reps told the buyer that their bottom line is $40,200 and the client says I will call you back. The buyer calls the other Lexus dealership and buys a car for $40,000.