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Should I Have Direct Dial Lines for My Sales Team?

The Old Way:

Customers call your main number. The receptionist makes a page and interrupts the whole office because the salesperson is not at their desk.

  • The receptionist can be more productive if they were not transferring calls and paging salespeople all day.
  • You employees would be more productive if they were not interrupted with pages all day. According to surveys, it takes the average person 20 minutes to go back to working once they are interrupted. Paging creates interruptions that causes workers to stop working – not good.
  • Your clients have to wait on hold for longer time periods.

The New Way:

Customers call a salesperson’s one and only one phone number.

  • The receptionist has more time to answer the new customer calls faster.
  • The salespeople answers the client call immediately. Clients like that!
  • The whole office is not interrupted and they don’t even know or care that the salesperson received a new call.
  • Customer Satisfaction levels are increased to the max.


Tom sells office furniture and he has 100 employees with 10 sales reps. Tom’s clients used to get busy signals because they would return calls from the bottom of the roller group while other people in Tom’s office were on active calls. Tom setup 10 phone numbers for his 10 sales people and he utilized Mitel’s cell phone integration with the one call sales process recommended by Kapp. He uses a PRI T-1 and a Mitel VoIP system. Tom stopped his busy signal problems and he increased sales 15% because his sales people stopped missing calls.