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Do I Use DHCP or VPN tunnels for Offsite VoIP Phones?

Mitel VoIP phones can work with or without VPN tunnels.

You will need to consider security issues when you want to deploy VoIP phones outside of your LAN.

We do recommend that you use VPN tunnels for the obvious security reasons and the fact that our Mitel VoIP will automatically download software upgrades over VPN tunnels. You can elect not to use a VPN but when a new Mitel software release is activated, you will need to upgrade each Mitel VoIP individually.


Susan is an IT manager that maintains 20 VoIP phones on her network. She likes to stay current with all of Mitel’s latest software releases that are available once or twice per year. Susan purchases a Mitel discounted 5 year Software Assurance Program from Kapp. She knows that being on Mitel’s latest software release schedule usually means time saving functionalities are taken advantage of. Susan has VPN tunnels because her VoIP phones are updated automatically.