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Should I Buy the Cheapest Phone System Available?

If you need a temporary office such as a politician, the answer is “yes”.

If you are a long term business that wants to try to get 10 or more years out of a good phone system, the answer is “no”.

When you buy a new phone system it is wise to look at the history of the manufacturer. You will want to ask how long did the old model last before they manufactured a new model. If the answer is 4 years, that is not a good answer because the ongoing upgrades usually stop becoming available after only 4 years. The way that technology is changing today with more and more time saving features being released practically on a yearly basis you will need to purchase a new system again. So, yes you will save money initially but by buying 2 cheap systems it would have been less money to buy 1 good long term phone system. We have customers with Mitel phone systems that are 10 years old that simply buy a software upgrade in order to receive modern features.

Scenario: Louis bought an inexpensive phone system 4 years ago and he wants cell phone integration today. He calls his vendor and the sales rep says in order to get cell phone integration you will need our new system. Louis could have purchase a Mitel system 5 years ago and he would only need a software upgrade for $1,000 verses have to buy a whole new system for $25,000.