Dependable and Trusted Communications

Certified Used Mitel/Inter-Tel 5000 Telephone Systems

Inter-Tel Model 8560

Advance Functionality Efficient Access.

Inter-Tel Model 8560 is ideal for professionals throughout the enterprise who require information about the calls they handle, as well as advanced functionality. This cost-effective multiprotocol endpoint features a contemporary look and offers advanced features that can be enabled through the phone or through applications such as Inter-tel Unified Communicator software. The six-line by 16-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides you with a menu of system features and capabilities, allowing you to process and manage messages efficiently and effortlessly. Eight, on-touch "soft keys" reduce the time it takes to initiate and receive calls, retrieve and manage messages, leave messages, access features and change your current status using Do-Not-Disturb (DND) messages.

Inter-Tel Model 8520

One-touch access to the features you use the most.

Inter-Tel Model 8520 is a cost-effective, multiprotocol endpoint that enable users to quickly and easily handle calls and access features. The convenient, two-line by 16-character LCD shows the number called, Caller ID information (if available), DND status and a date/time stamp. Programmable feature buttons provide quick access to features that enhance your productivity such as DND, mute, transfer, redial, conference and more. The message waiting lamp and one-button access to messages enables you to respond to business situations in a timely manner.

Inter-Tel Model 8500

Cost-effective Funcionality.

Inter-Tel Model 8500 is an entry-level, multiprotocol endpoint. Its contemporary design and features are ideal for businesses in need of a cost-effective endpoint and that requires standard functionality. This endpoint provides access to system features such as hold, transfer, redial, call forward, DND and conference. The message indicator lamp lets you know if you've missed a call so you can quickly responds to important business matters. Convenient "on-hook" dialing functionality allows you to place calls easily and efficiently.

Certified Used Mitel / Inter-Tel Digital Telephones

Dynamic Call Handling - Technology-Driven Productivity

To complement your Axxess communications platform, Inter-Tel offers a variety of powerful, full-featured digital endpoints to suit your organization's needs. Inter-Tel's Axxess digital phones deliver exceptional voice quality, advanced digital features and a range of programmable keys for high-speed, high-quality call processing. Whether you're installing a new system or adding to an existing one, Inter-Tel's digital phones are ideal for most businesses. Inter-Tel offers the following digital endpoints to enhance your communications landscape: Executive Display, Phone Standard Display, Phone Basic Digital Phone and Direct Station Select/Busy Lamp Field (DSS/BLF)

Inter-Tel Executive Display Phone

Professional productivity - lasting value

The Inter-Tel Axxess Executive Display Phone utilizes a 6-line by 16-character LCD that leads you through system features and capabilities. Eight menu-driven, one-touch "soft-keys" reduce the time required to make and receive calls, retrieve and leave messages, and access features.

An optional PC Data Port Module (PCDPM) provides a serial port connection for a DSS/BLF unit, PC/output device or Computer Telephony applications requiring a desktop OAI connection. An optional Modem Data Port Module connects to the PCDPM and provides an analog phone adaptor. With the Executive Display Phone, you can spend time on productive work instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to use your phone.

Inter-Tel Standard Display Phone

Customized functionality - enduring quality

The Inter-Tel Axxess Standard Display Phone provides the information you need to enhance productivity and incorporates a 2-line by 16-character LCD. With a total of 23 programmable keys, you can customize the functionality of this digital phone to maximize your efficiency. Use the built-in speaker and microphone to answer station and outside calls hands-free and take advantage of on-hook dialing. The "hot" keypad greatly reduces the number of keystrokes needed to operate any function. Optional Data Port Modules allow you to connect your PC. Real-time messages and timely reminders give you the information you need to stay on top of your responsibilities as you navigate through your calls.

Inter-Tel Basic Digital Phone

Cost-effective options - durable design

The Inter-Tel Axxess Basic Digital Phone delivers affordable, flexible, solid functionality. Program feature access keys to function the way you need them to. Use the built-in speaker and microphone to answer calls hands-free. Take advantage of on-hook dialing, and answer intercom calls without picking up the handset. The "hot" keypad provides user-friendly operation and red and green lamps help you distinguish whether a call is active, ringing or holding. The Basic Digital Phone allows you to improve productivity while taking advantage of the functionality of the Inter-Tel Converged Communications System.

Inter-Tel DSS/BLF Unit

Transforms a terminal into a call distribution center.

The DSS/BLF connects to an Inter-Tel Axxess Standard or Executive Display Phone-dramatically increasing your communication capabilities. Each DSS/BLF unit provides single-key access to 60 extension numbers, hunt group pilot numbers, trunks or trunk groups and/or feature codes. Connect up to four units together at a terminal and increase your capacity to as many as 240 numbers, trunks, groups and/or codes. Plus the DSS/BLF offers programmable button assignments either in the system database or at your phone. Distinctive, user-friendly digital endpoints - designed for business