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Wireless Optimization Services (Our minimum is 50 wireless phones)
The average client saves more than 30% on their monthly wireless bill.

Our Wireless Optimization Services create these savings without requiring our clients to
change service providers or reduce usage. It's time to start putting money back into your
wireless budget.

Save Money Immediately
Optimization Services are provided to potential clients at no obligation whatsoever.

Following analysis, a highly experienced consultant will present your results within 7-10
business days. Upon approval, an experienced implementation team will work directly with
your current providers so you can start saving money immediately.

Stage 1: Analysis
Establishing control over your wireless spending begins with a detailed analysis.
Applying our powerful solutions to your current wireless program will save you money
without changing providers or reducing usage.

We begin by working closely with your organization to gather and input billing information
into our optimization software. A minimum of three months of historical usage information
will enable our software to make accurate recommendations to create substantial savings.

*We need the following to start your analysis:
*Signed mutual non-disclosure agreement
*Written authorization to analyze your wireless accounts
*Access to historical billing statement information (electronic or printed formats)

We will complete the second stage in the process over the next 7-10 business days. An
experienced consultant will present a detailed report for your review that outlines
specific ways you can lower your monthly wireless spending.

Stage 2: Optimization
Substantial time and effort is invested on a daily basis into maintaining current
information on both published and hidden rate plans available from each wireless
provider. Our current database of rate plan options reflects thousands of possible
configurations to choose from.

Combining this information with predictive analysis will identify the optimal rate plan
structure for your current program.

An experienced consultant works with you throughout the optimization process and
builds a detailed proposal outlining your optimization findings. Our fee structure for
optimization is typically based on a percentage of your annual savings. Your
consultant will work with you to determine an appropriate fee structure for our
optimization services. Other options include a per device or project basis.

Stage 3: Implementation
Implementation is the most important stage  of our three part optimization process. An
efficient and accurate implementation will help your business realize savings as quickly
as possible. A skilled team oversees the implementation of your new program following
the review and approval of your optimization proposal.

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