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Can Mitel Cell Phone and Desk Phone Integration Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction Levels?

  • You can have all your clients call just one phone number and direct the call however you want.
  • Whenever outside callers contact your office, they are transferred to extensions in the traditional way.  The big difference is whenever your extension rings, your cell phone rings too. You can answer the call no matter where you are. While you are on this cell phone call, your Mitel desk phone stays lit as a busy extension.
  • Once you have the call, you can tap a Mitel button on your desk phone and the call is automatically sent to your cell phone. The reverse is also the case, if you pick up the call on your cell phone you can come over to your desk phone and tap one Mitel button so that you have the call on your Mitel handset as well.
  • You can answer the call from up to 8 different locations, i.e. office phone, cell phone, home IP phone, IP laptop softphone and standard home phone lines.
  • You can have the original caller ID number display on your cell phone or you could have your calls show up as office calls – it's your choice!
  • Stop missing calls - missed calls can create lost business opportunities and wasted time playing the old dreaded phone tag game.


Wouldn’t it be nice to call a real estate agent at just one phone number instead of trying their office phone, cell phone or home phone numbers?

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