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How can I Fix Cell Phone Dead Zone Areas in my Building

Cell phone usage continues to be on the increase with businesses. If your clients call your salespeople on their cell phones you are not alone.

If your office has dead zones your customer’s calls are going to cell phone voice mail messages. Missed calls can become lost sales opportunities. With Kapp’s Spotwave cell phone extenders we install a small antenna outside of your building that boosts a signal from as low as level one up to a level five signal. Kapp has two models – a 25,000 square foot unit and a 50,000 square foot unit. We bring the signal into your dead zone areas and install small signal boosting amplifiers in predetermined areas. These Spotwave units are cost effective and pay you back in the form of you not losing business sales.

Scenario: Bob is a new car salesperson. He is checking on a customers repair status of his car in the body shop. Bob gets a call from a referral of one of his best customers. He is in a dead zone in the dealership and he misses the call. The potential client has the Yellow Pages opened up and calls another car dealership and buys a car there