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Security Camera System Questions

Q. Can I view your cameras from my smartphone?

A. Yes, iPhones, Droids and BlackBerrys (via free apps) or any Windows based

Q. Do your cameras have night vision so I can see and record the situation?

A. Yes, our standard night vision cameras can record up to 80 feet away, our long distance
     night vision cameras can record up to a distance of 260 feet away.

Q. Can you cameras record all activity 24/7/365?

A. Yes, if you purchase a large enough hard drive or you can just record motion detection for
     programmable amounts of time, per camera.

Q. Can I email mini-movie segments to anyone?

A. Yes, you can retrieve and bookmark recordings based on each individual camera by date
     & time of the recording. A picture tells a thousand words.

Q. Can your cameras email me automatically upon motion detection?

A. Yes, our cameras provide email capabilities.

Q. Does Kapp offer cameras that can record audio as well as video?

A. Yes, we do offer advanced audio & video recording cameras.

Q. What size camera systems does Kapp offer?

A. 4,8,16 or 32 camera DVRs/server based platforms with numerous monitors and up to
    1000 networked DVRs, with a maximum capacity of 32,000 cameras.

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