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How Can I Fix My Busy Signal Problem?

More and more busy signals are happening because of old fashioned business phone line rollover groups and out bound caller ID. Even though the large jewelry store in the sample below has 11 rollover lines, they still get busy signals throughout the day. What is terrible about the scenario below is that all 10 of there other lines could be idle.

You have 2 options to fix this problem:

  1. Call your phone line carrier and ask them to turn on call forward on busy only with 724-555-1010 to 724-555-1000. This will stop some busy signals but if more and more people hit return call from 1010 then you may need to tell the carrier to give you 2 or more call forwarding pathways

  2. The best solution is to change services to a PRI T-1. With this service your monthly charges are usually cost effective with 10 lines or more. With a PRI T-1 we program the Mitel phone system to always send out your main phone line, i.e. 724-555-1000 when anyone within your office makes outside phone calls. As you can see missing one phone call can cost you thousands of dollars.