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Should I have Basic Voice Mail to Email or Synchronized Voice Mail to Email?

Basic Voice Mail to Email – The voice mail system copies and forwards the voice mail message to any valid email address, i.e. your office email server, AOL, Verizon, etc. When you receive a voice mail the message goes into your email inbox and also your standard voice mail message into your desk phone. Whenever you erase the one on your phone you have to go to your email inbox and erase it there too.

Basic voice mail to email is great for people with BlackBerries or anyone who always listens to voice mail from their email inbox. The voice mail on the phone can be turned off in this scenario.

Synchronized voice mail to email automatically erases the voice mail message from your desk phone once you listen to and erase the message from your email wav file. The reverse is also true. If you listen and erase the email from your phone, it is automatically erased from your email inbox. Kapp offers both types of voice mail to email.